About Us

We are proud to offer a diverse, multi-disciplinary team at Meghan Barlow and Associates, whose expertise ranges from traditional counseling to social skills, ABA and speech therapy. To learn more about our team members, please see their biographies by using the links below.

Meghan Barlow, Ph.D.

Meghan Barlow

I am a pediatric psychologist specializing in the assessment and treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Conditions, Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit Disorders, Depression, behavioral concerns, developmental issues, and chronic medical problems. 

Over the course of my training and work experience at The Cleveland Clinic, I have treated children and families with a wide variety of concerns.  I approach treatment from a cognitive behavioral perspective and use evidence based treatments.

Whether my role is to help parents and their child with Autism interact in a more meaningful way or to help a child with anxiety use strategies to manage it, my goal is always the same: to educate and empower my patients to help themselves. Top

Rob Adams, Psy.D.


Rob provides individual and family therapy, as well as psychological testing, to children, adolescents, and young adults. He comes to our team, bringing experience addressing depression, anxiety, grief, attention deficits and educational problems, social difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, disruptive behavior, family disruptions and parent-child conflict. Rob has also treated dog phobias in children through exposure treatment that increases a child’s comfort and confidence around a dog in session, which is then generalized to other settings. He works with children as young as 4-years, and enjoys the challenge of tailoring evidenced-based principles to a child’s individual needs, personality, and interests.

Rob regularly collaborates with teachers, doctors, occupational therapists, or other professionals to provide individualized services. He has also provided consultation and seminars to therapists, educators, and churches regarding a variety of topics including: integrating faith and psychotherapy, mental health and the church, attachment development, and trauma. Rob earned his Doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D.) from Wheaton College, and his undergraduate degree from the College of Wooster. Top

Heather Dukes-Murray, Ph.D.

Heather Dukes-Murray a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the assessment of autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and learning disorders. Her primary goals during a comprehensive psychological evaluation are to characterize the child’s strengths and identify any relevant diagnoses while delivering a report with individualized recommendations in an efficient manner. During a comprehensive evaluation, Heather utilizes evidence-based assessment procedures and directly engage the child, parents, and authorized parties in order to create a complete diagnostic picture of the child.

Heather earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and completed an APA-accredited internship at Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health in North Canton, Ohio. She also completed postdoctoral training in an NIH-funded childhood depression research program at the University of Pittsburgh and in autism assessment at Daily Behavioral Health in Cleveland, Ohio. Top

Katherine Greenleaf, M.A., LPCC

Katie is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with experience working with individuals of all ages. She specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents, and teens presenting with a variety of emotional, behavioral, and social needs. Her areas of expertise include ADHD, oppositional and explosive behavior, anxiety, depression, adjustment to school issues, and parent education. Additional areas of interest include post-partum depression and women’s issues, as well as marriage and relationship stress. She also provides consultation services to schools and organizations to improve psychosocial outcomes for students and create mentally healthy and effective workplaces.

Katie uses a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions to address problems from a systemic approach. She often combines cognitive behavioral strategies with a collaborative multi-step approach to problem solving. Whether her role is helping an adult, a child and parent, or a group, the goal is to provide tools and teach strategies so that skills can be developed for independence.

She earned her undergraduate degree at Penn State University and went on to earn a Masters in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University before completing her Masters in Professional Counseling at Liberty University. She has worked with a wide range of populations, including the most vulnerable children and families in Baltimore and Washington DC, where she lived for 12 years before relocating to Northeast Ohio. Top

Christine Jurik, M.A., BCBA, COBA

Christine Jurik

Christine Jurik is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst. She received a Masters in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University and became certified in 2007. Christine has over 17 years of experience teaching children new skills across all developmental domains, analyzing and treating problem behaviors, training parents & school staff, and implementing behavior therapy in homes, clinics, and schools.

She has conducted research with renowned researchers Dr. Linda LeBlanc, Dr. James Carr, Dr. Dick Malott, Dr. Sally Rogers, and Dr. Geraldine Dawson. Under the supervision of Drs. Dawson and Rogers, Christine worked as a research scientist & lead clinician on the first study to be published on the Early Start Denver Model. Christine’s publications include cutting-edge play therapy techniques, toilet training, pica, sensory extinction, and noncompliance with parent instructions. In 2016, Christine attended Social ThinkingTM conferences both in state and out of state to receive on-site training from Michelle Garcia Winner. During these trainings, she was trained by Garcia Winner in the latest publications and social skills curriculums for children aged preschool through middle school. Top

Sarah Saunders, M.A., LPC


Sarah Saunders is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in Pre-Art Therapy and Psychology and her Master’s Degree from the University of Akron in Marriage and Family Therapy. Sarah believes in building a relationship with clients where they feel comfortable and accepted, yet challenged to grow. Treatment is approached from a systemic perspective utilizing evidenced-based treatment that empowers clients to better manage their current and future situations. Through this therapeutic relationship, individuals, couples, and families can begin to develop new perspectives, establish and maintain open and efficient communication to help with resolution of conflicts, clarify boundaries, and increase overall relationship satisfaction. Sarah has experience working with children, teens, couples, and families. Her areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, autism, family and co-parenting issues, relationship issues, and childhood behavioral and emotional difficulties. Top