Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services with Meghan Barlow and Associates

Is homework a daily struggle for your child? Have you noticed that your child lacks core skills to be an effective writer, test taker, or problem solver? Is your child struggling with expectations at school? These sorts of challenges can be exhausting for families and emotionally draining for young learners.

Meghan Barlow and Associates is committed to helping families at any level of academic struggle, including:

  • Providing a structured environment and tools to help students foster independence in homework completion
  • Helping under-performing readers to learn fluent decoding and encoding skills
  • Teaching critical school skills, such as study strategies, test taking, and text analysis
  • Assisting in the development of reading comprehension and the writing process
  • Conducting observations at your child's school or consulting with your child's teachers

In addition to helping your child develop the tools he or she needs for academic success, our Academic Services Team may coordinate with the Executive Function Clinic and our clinical staff to ensure that your child is receiving intervention in the areas that will help most.


Call (440) 409-0307 to enroll in academic services.