Assessments & Testing

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation

Comprehensive assessment packages are determined based on each patient’s needs and questions, therefore the process is not the same for each patient and family. Typically, the process involves:

  • An interview with the caregiver(s) and review of previous evaluations or records from other clinicians and/or the school
  • Testing with the child (i.e., IQ, achievement, language and communication skills, executive functioning skills, behavioral ratings)
  • Parent and/or teacher completed rating forms
  • Observation and interview with the patient in appropriate settings

Families may seek a comprehensive evaluation for their child if they are concerned about their child’s functioning and progress in school, if they are questioning the possibility of an underlying condition such as an attention or autism spectrum disorder, or if they are finding themselves “stuck” in therapy and are looking for better understanding of how their child processes information and approaches the world.

Our experienced psychologists are dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient services dedicated to meeting families’ unique needs. Their schedules in order to complete testing within 1-2 weeks and provide a report and feedback to families within 1-2 weeks after completion of testing.

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