Executive Function Clinic

Executive Function Clinic at Meghan Barlow and Associates

A core service provided by our Executive Function Clinic is teaching strategies and skills to children, adolescents and teens to promote academic success and independence. We look at every child and student as an individual and endorse a comprehensive approach to meeting both short term and long-term academic and life goals. Our services are directed toward those who struggle to become motivated and independent students and scholars.

Another cornerstone of our clinic is providing support to adults who may struggle with time management, efficiency, organization and prioritizing skills, making it difficult to complete activities of daily living.

We will formulate a plan that will provide each patient with the necessary strategies and skills to become an efficient learner or to improve success in daily living. We are also available to collaborate with your child's educational team to ensure there is consistency in treatment and academic support.


Services offered by the Executive Function clinic may include:


Call (440) 409-0307 for an initial consultation. You’ll be scheduled for a two-hour consultation and analysis of skill deficits and strengths. An individually tailored plan for treatment will be discussed upon the conclusion of the consultation.