Social Skills Groups

We offer Social Skills Groups, serving children ages 2-13. These groups use a combination of empirically validated strategies for teaching social skills and Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social ThinkingTM curriculums. Groups are led by Christine Jurik, MA, BCBA, COBA, a licensed clinician and are broken into the four age groups (click on each for course content):


Groups include a 30-minute intake session with a licensed, Masters-level clinician and 90-minute, weekly sessions. Programs are offered year round, including throughout the summer months. Summer sessions are eight weeks long (8 sessions):

  • Summer Wednesdays: June 7 – Aug 9, 2017* (no 6/14 or 6/28) (afternoon/evening time slots available)
  • Summer Saturdays: June 10 – Aug 12, 2017 (no 6/24 or 7/1) (session times)

*For Summer Wednesdays session times, please contact Christine (

Summer Social Skills Flier.

Spring/Fall/Winter sessions are five-weeks long (5 sessions):

*Wednesday afternoon/evening dates are also available. Please call or email for details.

Fall Social Skills Flier.


To enroll your child, call (440) 420-1170 or email Christine.

Once your child is enrolled, Christine will contact you to schedule an individual intake session. Intake sessions last 30 minutes. During this consultation with a licensed, Masters-level clinician, you will have an opportunity to share background information, develop an individual plan for your child’s participation in the group, and receive individualized advice on skill deficits and problem behaviors.

If you’re not sure whether your child is a good fit for the group, please contact Christine via e-mail so that she can answer your questions on an individual basis.

Additional Details

Spring/Fall/Winter seasonal sessions include the following: a 30-minute 1:1 intake or consultation with a licensed, Masters-level clinician, individualized goal development, 7.5 hours of small group therapy (five 90-min sessions), and a performance summary.

Summer sessions include 12 hours of small-group therapy (eight 90-min sessions), in addition to 1:1 intake, goal development and performance summary.

Credit cards or Health Savings Account (HSA) cards are gladly accepted (3% processing fee), as well as personal checks. We do not accept insurance; however, we can provide receipts for parents to submit to their insurance providers for reimbursement.

NEW IN APRIL 2017: Our social skills clinician now accepts Autism Scholarship funding! Please email to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our social skills groups? Please check below to see if your question is one of the frequently asked questions on our list. If you don’t see your question, please contact us today with our contact form.

Who should enroll?
Children who would benefit from learning and rehearsing social skills, social pragmatic skills, and expected social behaviors with similar-aged peers will benefit most from our social skills groups. Participants may have trouble making friends, keeping friends, or connecting with peers. These children may also have difficulty attending in a group setting, following directions from adults, or listening to others. Each group is individually tailored to meet the needs of the children enrolled and each child has unique behavioral goals based on their difficulty in working and playing with others.

What if my child’s age is outside the group range currently being offered?
If your child that does not fit into group age ranges and you are looking for a social skills program, please contact Christine at to discuss your need. If possible, Christine will arrange for additional groups based on community need.

How large are the groups?
Each group consists of 4-6 children and 1-2 adults.

Who runs the groups?
Groups are run by Christine Jurik, M.A., BCBA, COBA. Christine is a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst with 18+ years of experience in providing 1:1 and small group therapy to children with social and language delays and behavioral deficits. In 2016, Christine attended Social ThinkingTM conferences both in state and out of state to receive training from Michelle Garcia Winner. During these conferences, Christine was trained by Garcia Winner in the latest publications and social skills curriculums for children in preschool through middle school.

Where do groups meet?
Groups meet at the offices of Meghan Barlow and Associates, 20220 Center Ridge Road, Suite 165, Rocky River.

In some cases, Christine and the group members may decide to meet away from the office (e.g., restaurant, ice cream shop, student’s house), as a reward for meeting group goals and/or to create opportunities to practice skills in a real-world setting.

Do I need to stay in the building?
Parents of children who are toilet trained and who sign a medical waiver are free to leave for the first 80 minutes of each appointment. Parents of children not toilet trained are asked to remain in the waiting room to provide bathroom assistance when needed.