Superheroes Social Skills Group

Age Group: 7-9 Years Old

Cost: Each seasonal session includes a 30-minute 1:1 intake or consultation with a licensed, Masters-level clinician, individualized goal development, 7.5 hours of small group therapy (five 90-min sessions), and a performance summary. Cost is $400 per student.

Group Goals: Students will learn how to engage in and sustain conversational exchanges, choose appropriate topics, remain on topic, demonstrate cooperation, and learn how to use self-regulation techniques when peers do not do what they desire during group activities. Rehearsal in a real-world setting takes place during a trip to a local restaurant. This group uses a combination of empirically validated strategies and Michelle Garcia Winner’s Superflex® curriculum.

Duration: Each small group meets for 90 minutes weekly for a total of five weeks.

To Enroll: Call 440.420.1170 or email

For more information on social skills groups, including current schedules, see Social Skills Groups or contact us.