The Crew Social Skills Group

Age Group: 10-13 Years Old

Cost: Each seasonal session includes a 30-minute 1:1 intake or consultation with a licensed, Masters-level clinician, individualized goal development, 7.5 hours of small group therapy (five 90-min sessions), and a performance summary. Cost is $400 per student.

Group Goals: Students will rehearse how to engage in and sustain age-appropriate conversational exchanges utilizing appropriate topics, remain on topic, share with fellow peers personal social struggles in order to feel less alone, and receive advice on changes to make to promote more successful social interactions. Rehearsal in a real-world setting takes place during a trip to a local restaurant. This group uses a combination of empirically validated strategies and Michelle Garcia Winner’s Think Social!® curriculum.

Duration: Each small group meets for 90 minutes weekly for a total of five weeks.

To Enroll: Call 440.420.1170 or email

For more information on social skills groups, including current schedules, see Social Skills Groups or contact us.