Individual & Family Therapy

We provide individual, marriage, and family therapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Sessions are tailored to meet each patient’s needs, preferences and comfort level. To learn more about our clinical staff, please see the biographies on our About Us page.

Initial Consultation

Patients arrive at our office with a variety of concerns. Some families wonder, “is this normal?” and simply want to talk through issues they are having with their child. We will guide you in how to manage the issue whether it is, in fact “normal,” or if we identify areas of concern.

Other patients know exactly what they are looking for. We will meet with the child or adolescent and parents to review the current issue as well as gather information about the patient’s background.  We will provide thoughts and recommendations at the conclusion of the consultation.

Some parents are uncomfortable bringing their child (or children, in the case of family therapy) to the initial appointment. We understand that some parents are sensitive to talking about concerns in front of their child or that some families feel they will not be able to focus on our discussion if their child is present. We prefer to meet the child during the initial consultation as our observations and impressions of your child will greatly impact our recommendations. We have a playroom separate from our consultation rooms to allow for private conversation. The room has a window into the consultation rooms to allow for supervision. If you are still uncomfortable bringing your child to the initial appointment, we understand and will simply arrange a second meeting with the child present.

Individual Therapy

In some instances, we meet with the child or adolescent individually for a portion of the appointment and then meet with the parent(s) for a portion of the appointment. Other times, we will all meet together. We also will consult with parents without their child or adolescent present if that’s what makes sense.

However we arrange our meetings, it’s important to us that each person involved feels they have a chance to discuss their concerns and have their questions answered in a comfortable and confidential manner.

Family Therapy

In general, we work with all members of the family during sessions. At the initial consultation, you and and your counselr would determine a plan for how to start family therapy. During the course of therapy, your plan may change as your needs change.


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