Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups with Meghan Barlow and Associates
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Children's Groups with Christine

Adolescent Groups with Sarah


We offer a number of social skills groups serving both children and adolescents. These groups use a combination of empirically validated strategies for teaching social skills and Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social ThinkingTM curriculums. Children's groups are led by Christine Jurik, MA, BCBA, COBA and adolescent groups are led by Sarah Saunders, M.A., LPC.

  • Social Explorers (ages 4-6, Christine)
  • Superheroes (ages 7-10, Christine)
  • The Crew (ages 10-13, Christine)
  • Adolescents (ages 13+, Sarah)

Groups include a 30-minute intake session with a licensed, masters-level clinician and 90-minute, weekly sessions. Programs are offered year round, including throughout the summer months.


To begin the enrollment process, complete the online interest form or call our office (440) 409-0307.

Once your child is enrolled, the clinician will contact you to schedule an individual intake session. Intake sessions last 30 minutes. During this consultation, you will have an opportunity to share background information, develop an individual plan for your child’s participation in the group, and receive individualized advice on skill deficits and problem behaviors.