2021 Executive Function Summer Camp

For more information or to register for the 2021 Executive Function Summer Camp, please contact our office at (440) 409-0307 or email office@drmeghanbarlow.com

Executive Function Summer Camp at is a week-long program designed to allow children and adolescents ages 8-14 an opportunity to learn and practice strategies that strengthen executive functioning. Executive function (EF) is a term used to describe the capabilities associated with things like goal setting, planning and executing tasks, managing self and time, and self-evaluation. Our Executive Function Summer Camp focuses on improving skills like focusing, impulse control, organization, planning, time management, and memory.

In a fun group with peers, your child will participate in activities that will help with:

  • Knowing when and how to ask for or offer help
  • Working individually and with others toward goals
  • Practicing social skills and interacting with peers in an unrehearsed setting
  • Learning how to get started
  • Cultivating a growth mindset to "keep trying" and maintain optimism

Meet Katie Greenleaf and learn a little more about camp with this short video.

When kids struggle with EF, it can be difficult to get started on tasks—let alone complete them. Built into camp is the critical component of making otherwise mundane tasks interesting and motivating. By learning to connect with the rewarding component of a task, a child is better able to get started, persist, and ultimately finish. We do this by balancing learning and having fun.

During the week of EF Summer Camp, campers will be given new tools and strategies to incorporate into their daily routine at home and at school. Along with the necessary materials and knowledge of how to use them, participants will spend time practicing objectives like:

  • Encouraging others in working toward a goal during group games
  • Learning to recognize situations where help is needed and how to ask for it
  • Working individually and cooperatively on plans
  • Recognizing the value of taking the first step, or getting started
  • Understanding the skills they are focusing on and how their lives will improve with mastery

EF Summer Camp takes place indoors, in the building where Meghan Barlow and Associates is located. Campers will have the benefit of a workspace, but also room to move and interact. Campers arrive at the designated starting time and spend some time interacting with their peers and "breaking the ice." Depending on the interests and needs of the group, informal lessons and activities will follow. Campers will be incorporating a longer-term project into their days, with completion planned for take-home on the last day of camp.

When registering your child for camp, you will complete a questionnaire with some basic questions about your child so that we can get to know him or her before the camp week starts. You will also receive a short video upon registration preparing you for everything you need to know beforehand pertaining to logistics.

Learning how to track and evaluate progress and performance is a key element of EF. In order to learn and practice these skills, campers will need the help of their parents, teachers and caretakers moving forward. As a helper, you will be provided with valuable tools and strategies to help continue your camper’s learning and practice, such as:

  • Daily video recaps to help you understand what your child worked on and how to incorporate those elements into daily life with your child
  • All materials and tools your child is given during the week will come home with them at the end of their camp session for use at home
  • The camp cost includes up to two hours of individual coaching to check in and effectively apply the strategies they learned in camp to their everyday lives

Groups will be offered in the morning of the scheduled camp week for ages 8-10, and in the afternoon of camp week for ages 11-14.

August 2-6, 2021
8-10 year olds: 9-11:30am
11-14 year olds: Noon-2:30

It depends. Every family and child’s situation is unique. In general, if a child is struggling with hallmark EF skills like focusing, organizing, planning, executing tasks, social skills and overall self-management, EF Summer Camp is an excellent way to help kids "get their feet wet" with the feel of some new strategies. As parents and caretakers, it’s also a great way to gather some general pointers and tools in order to know how to help a child. A winning formula is for your child to learn in a relaxed group with peers who face similar challenges by participating in the EF Camp, and then follow up with as needed individual coaching as the school year progresses.

If you have questions regarding your child’s individual circumstances and whether camp could be helpful for your child, please call our office at (440) 409-0307 to schedule a call with Katie Greenleaf, MA, LPCC.

The price of camp is $650 (early bird registration: register before May 15, 2021) or $675 after May 15, 2021.

It can be difficult for families to juggle all the costs associated with academics, tutoring, materials, and professional intervention. Finding a balance between managing a budget and obtaining professional services with the intensity and frequency necessary for kids to make progress can be difficult. Starting EF work by participating in camps ultimately helps save money.

If your child participates in an EF Summer Camp, he or she will ultimately be spending over 12 hours with a coach. In addition, families are offered two additional hours to work individually with a coach, while daily recap videos provided to families will help reinforce the time invested in the program. All materials your child needs in order to practice and use strategies learned in camp are also provided, including an executive function-oriented planner, clock and timers, dry-erase materials for re-use, and more. For the 14+ hours of coaching and instruction, as well as materials provided, families would pay $2020.00+ if obtaining these services individually. Enrolling in camp will save families almost 70% of the cost.