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Executive function (EF) applies to you all day, every day. Careful decision-making, focusing on important tasks, using effective time-management and organization strategies, and tapping into memory are all part of the executive system and account for executive function.

When we complete activities of daily living, we execute schemas (mental, structural diagrams that help us to break these activities into steps and complete them in a timely manner). Schemas also give us the framework under which we can predict outcomes and use forethought to anticipate and resolve challenges.

Children and adults who struggle with EF often find it challenging to develop and/or recall schemas when they are needed. And, until they are able to adopt schemas in daily life, they will depend on their external environment (i.e., adults, teachers, consequences, etc.) for success, rather than experiencing success through self-activation of these skills.

We provide cutting-edge, research-based strategies in a fun environment to empower adults and children in developing a deliberate and purposeful repertoire of schemas. As a family-oriented practice, we also believe that by engaging parents, caregivers, educators and peers, we can better ensure success. Read more in "Is EF Coaching for Me?"

Looking for summer skill building options? Our EF Summer Camp may be right for your family.

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Katherine Greenleaf, M.A., LPCC

Katie Greenleaf, M.A., LPCC
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Melissa Liberatore, LISW-S
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