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In response to a growing need for services that address school refusal, our staff have teamed together to provide a School Refusal Treatment Plan.

Our Plan

Dr. Rob Adams will coordinate services among providers to target anxiety, family distress, or other issues that disrupt a child’s ability to effectively attend and participate in school. Individualized treatment plans will include services to:

  • Educate
  • Increase coping skills
  • Lessen incidental reinforcement
  • Assess and address deficits in learning, attention, and executive functioning

This intensive, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative approach will take place across two to three weeks. Dr. Adams will work with school staff and medical providers to coordinate academic accommodations, re-entry plans, and medication management. Home practice and parent participation will be utilized to help generate and maintain treatment progress.

Our Goal

The goal of this program is to effectively address anxiety or other mental health needs in order to return a student to school in a fashion that supports ongoing attendance and emotional health. Working collaboratively with referral sources and other professionals will help provide multi-tiered support to a multi-faceted problem.

Families may contact Dr. Adams or our office to schedule an initial evaluation or discuss questions about the program.

Our Expert Team

Rob Adams, Psy.D.

Rob Adams, Psy.D.
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