Social Intelligence

Learning the rules for social interactions is just one part of developing social intelligence. To be successful, individuals must also balance their own emotions, exercise planning and self-monitoring, and control impulses. That's why Meghan Barlow and Associates offers social skills groups alongside services like our Executive Function Clinic, Teen Emotion Regulation Clinic, and therapy services.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups for children and teens develop necessary skills to function effectively in a group, including the classroom or family. Learn More.

Executive Function for College Students

Executive Function Clinic

Children and adults who struggle with planning and self-monitoring often also struggle with social skills. These individuals may be unable to keep commitments, struggle with priorities, or require repeated warnings or prompts from peers - all of which can hamper social skills development. Learn More.

Teen Social Skills Group

Teen Emotion Regulation Clinic

Teens who struggle to control their own strong emotions can also struggle to interact with peers. Give your teen the tools he or she needs to manage strong emotions and improve flexibility with our Teen Emotion Regulation Clinic. Learn More.