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In order to ensure that our patients receive the treatment they need, our office is not affiliated with any insurance providers. While this decision may seem opposed to our commitment to your family's care, we believe that this model not only improves our patient-provider relationship, but can also save you money.

Our Rates are Competitive with Insurance Co-Pays

Practices who deal with insurance providers often must submit pre-negotiated rates that account for overhead and billing. Even after insurance has paid their share, families can be left with large co-pays. Because we work directly with our patients and receive payment at the time of service, we are able to offer competitive out-of-pocket rates - many of which are lower than an insured patient's responsibility.

Less Hassle, Less Paperwork, and Timely Treatment

Insurance companies often require patients to provide documentation of a formal diagnosis in order to cover treatment costs. Navigating what is covered, what is not, and getting the appropriate referrals and pre-authorizations can not only be a hassle, it can keep your loved one from getting the treatment they need in a timely manner. Our pay-as-you-go services get patients started on treatment faster and with less hassle.

Confidentiality, Security, and Your Peace of Mind

In order to provide coverage for your diagnosis and treatment, your insurance company may request information specific to your condition. Not only does this practice limit confidentiality between you and your insurance provider, it can be stored in larger databases where it becomes vulnerable. In addition. diagnosed conditions (even psychological) can become pre-existing conditions and impact future applications to medical, life or disability insurance.

Customized Care that is Tailored to Meet Your Needs

When insurance providers take the lead in patient care plans, there's no guarantee that your family is getting the treatment they need. When patients are freed to work outside the model of "what's covered/what isn't," they can actively work with their clinician to create an efficient care plan that truly meets their needs.


Payment is due at the time of service. Credit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA) cards, and personal checks are gladly accepted.

If you would like to submit your service for insurance reimbursement, we can also provide receipts and assistance.