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Perspective Taking for Problem Solving

It’s hard to understand how a 5 year old can feel stressed or why a teen can be so upset about the breakup of a month long relationship. Sometimes we wonder why it’s so hard for a teacher to understand that your child is trying to start his work, but he needs a few seconds […]

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Reclaiming Masculinity to Build Emotional Intelligence

As we approach Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage intentionality with respect to how we teach and model masculinity to the younger generation of men.  Masculinity continues to be associated with traits like toughness, independence, stoicism, and control. Unfortunately, these traits are also defined in a way that leads to disconnection from others, coercive power, […]

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Diagnosis and Special Needs Children

It’s NOT All About The Diagnosis – Podcast

Description of Presentation Meghan Barlow discusses how having a diagnosis is important because it will help determine what therapies to pursue and what services your child may need in school, but a diagnosis is only one part of your child and how all behavior cannot be attributed to a diagnosis. She also discusses how sometimes […]

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Connecting with Your Child

How to Form an Emotional Connection with Your Elementary-Aged Child (of a Child You Love) with Social Delays – Podcast

Description of Presentation Barlow explores some of the reasons children with social delays have trouble with emotional connections using Michelle Garcia Winner’s I LAUGH model. After looking at the specific sources of social delays, Barlow uses individual parent case studies to recommend options for families who are struggling with their child’s social delays. Link to Podcast

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Improving Family Functioning

Survival Strategies: How to Improve Family Functioning – Podcast

Description of Presentation Is your child’s lack of flexibility affecting the whole family? Does every transition turn into a tantrum? Do you ever wonder if you are in charge or if your child is? Sarah Saunders, MA, LPC, of Meghan Barlow and Associates, will provide practical tips to keep your sanity and improve family functioning. […]

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Is It Really Bullying? – Podcast

Description of Presentation Meghan Barlow, PhD., of Meghan Barlow and Associates, will help parents understand bullying, acts that may look like bullying but are not, and common types of peer conflict. Parents will be taught strategies for how they can help support their children as well as how to empower their children to handle conflicts […]

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Challenging Behaviors in Children

Understanding Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors – Podcast

Description of Presentation Why can’t your child just behave? The lens you use to view your child’s behavior has vast implications for your reaction and the way you help your child. If you’re frustrated because you’ve tried everything you can think of to prevent those dramatic meltdowns and it seems like nothing at all sets […]

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