recalculating during parenting

The Parenthood GPS: Recalculating

Imagine you have a trip planned. You’ve been looking forward to it for months and have done all of the things to prepare. The essentials are packed and,maybe, packed beyond what’s necessary- just to be safe.  Everything is ready to go and the anticipation is mounting. You hop into the car, punch the destination into […]

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pillar during conflict

Being a Pillar When Facing Conflict

Anyone who spends a lot of time with adolescents is used to hearing about the day-to-day “drama” of peer relationships. For teens prone to anxiety and low self-esteem, even relatively minor conflicts with peers can create elevated distress. These are teens who tend to have difficulty accurately interpreting non-verbal cues and who react strongly to […]

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Mindfully Communicating with Teachers

As the new school year gets into full swing, you likely have had opportunities to meet new teachers, classroom aides, intervention specialists, and other staff that may be helping your child. If you haven’t, then the opportunity is probably not far away. Teachers and school staff play a vital role in the day-to-day experience of […]

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Cracking the Teen Code of Silence

“He never tells me anything” is a common phrase I hear from parents. What I tell parents is that this silence demonstrates a developmentally appropriate change as children mature toward independence. This independence includes managing privacy, forming a unique identity, and being more savvy about what they say to whom, among other skills.    Parents […]

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When to Worry: Balance, Patterns, and Progress

The books I have found to be among the most useful as both a child psychologist and a parent are a series of books by a developmental psychologist, Louise Bates Ames, and a pediatrician, Frances L. Ilg. Each book highlights the stages that typical children progress through fairly predictably. The authors are careful to remind […]

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It’s coming and you know it.  By the time you read my next article, it will be here.  Homework is such a common complaint in my office, from both children and parents, that I have become a reluctant expert on the topic.  The truth is, I hated homework as a child, and if today it […]

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