Virtual Learning and ADHD

A year ago, I advised that too much screen time is not good for our children and I encouraged parents to limit their child’s screen time to two hours a day or less. Fast forward to 2020 and I am writing an article about keeping your child engaged with online learning and focused on the […]

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Practices to Keep Your Mental Health Intact

There’s no doubt that the circumstances around COVID-19 have increased our risk of mental health problems. Luckily, we have strategies to protect our mental health. Engaging in the following practices are likely to help you meet the challenges of today and come through with your mental health intact. Sleep We are all able to function […]

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Wearing Masks: The New Norm

With some schools opening in person classes, sports and activities resuming with precautions, and families venturing a little further out into the world, wearing masks is becoming a necessity. Adults have had a chance to get more comfortable wearing masks. Many of us have been wearing them since March when we go to stores or […]

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