An adult woman and a school-aged boy exchange a high-five in an office environment.

What occurs during the 1st new patient evaluation appointment?

The intake session provides an opportunity to gather background information (emotional, medical, academic, social, and family history), discuss treatment goals and how those might be achieved, observe and interact with the client and their parents to build rapport, and talk about various examples of the concerns being reported and how they are impacting the child’s […]

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A parent looks through her teen daughter's door. The teen faces away, looking sullen.

How do I talk to my child about going to therapy?

Sometimes kids/teens are unclear about why they need to see a therapist, or they flat out disagree with parent concerns. We encourage parents to be open with their children about their concerns and not surprise them news of the appointment at the last minute. It is OK to tell kids that there are patterns that […]

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Overcoming Executive Function Challenges

Everyone has different executive function (EF) abilities, along with unique strengths and challenges. This article, published in the May 2022 issue of AUTISM ADVOCATE Parenting Magazine, gives families some background on executive function and outlines four steps support your child as he or she builds EF skills. Download and read the full article as a […]

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Practices to Keep Your Mental Health Intact

There’s no doubt that the circumstances around COVID-19 have increased our risk of mental health problems. Luckily, we have strategies to protect our mental health. Engaging in the following practices are likely to help you meet the challenges of today and come through with your mental health intact. Sleep We are all able to function […]

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