Services > Social Skills Groups

We offer social skills groups serving both children and adolescents. These groups use a combination of empirically validated strategies for teaching social skills, Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social ThinkingTM curriculum, and the PEERS curriculum.

Our groups are designed with convenience, flexibility, and effectiveness in mind. We offer one-hour sessions, twice per month, and have an open enrollment. Participants can attend on a regular, ongoing basis - or when they are able to fit it into their schedules. Our model of open enrollment allows for the review of skills, giving our "seasoned" participants opportunities to take on a leadership role by helping new members learn the concepts.

Although these groups are educational in nature, we hope that participants will not feel like they are in a class. Our sessions are designed to be active, natural interactions amongst peers so that the skills learned can be generalized to their day-to-day functioning. Each session is designed with the goal of building participants' skills while they have fun and develop connections to peers. Over the course of the year, we will introduce key concepts in social thinking and practice related skills, adding and expanding on foundational skills.

Groups are offered year-round, including throughout the summer months. Capacity is limited to 6 participants per session and registration is required for each session 24 hours in advance. For upcoming groups, please see our office calendar.