Mindfully Communicating with Teachers

As the new school year gets into full swing, you likely have had opportunities to meet new teachers, classroom aides, intervention specialists, and other staff that may be helping your child. If you haven’t, then the opportunity is probably not far away. Teachers and school staff play a vital role in the day-to-day experience of […]

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Preparing for the Emotional Transition to School

The time has come to think ahead to the new school year. My clients have already started rolling their eyes when I say we need to think ahead to the school transition, and I’m sure you get a similar response. Some of your kids may be excited about getting back to school, while others are […]

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What Being Gifted Can Mean

Many parents will tell me that it “really doesn’t matter” if their child is gifted or not. I get what they’re telling me – they love their child regardless of their child’s IQ score. But understanding what being gifted can mean really does matter. Understanding the social and emotional aspects of giftedness helps smooth out […]

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Making Mistakes

Getting Good at Making Mistakes: Developing a Growth Mindset

Some people will do anything to avoid making a mistake. They may decide not to embrace a challenge, for fear of failing or making a mistake, or they may spend tons of time and energy working towards a perfect product. Often times, these people are described as “perfectionists” and many of them experience a significant […]

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Helping Your Child Transition

5 Tips for Transitioning to Summer

When talking about transitions and school, we often think about getting back into the school routine. However, transitioning out of school for the summer can also be an important process to do with intentionality. Since the end of August 2017, your daughter or son has been regularly connected to a defined group of people, including […]

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Evaluation and Diagnosis in Children

8 Tips for Processing a New Diagnosis

As a psychologist who mainly focuses on evaluations, I quickly become familiar with families. I have many frank discussions with parents where we talk about a child’s strengths, areas for growth, and ultimately a new diagnosis, all with the purpose of leading to better outcomes. Some welcome a diagnosis and view it as a way […]

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