Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Insights From Within

Group therapy provides a unique opportunity for participants to connect with other people who are experiencing something similar. This affords participants the chance to develop empathy, to receive and give support, and to feel less alone in areas of struggle. Yet, group therapy can also be anxiety provoking. The risk of being known more fully […]

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Emotional Growth in Teens

4 Strategies for A Summer of Emotional Growth

The countdown to summer has already begun, so let’s talk about ways you can foster your child’s emotional growth and development in ways that also encourage family and social connections. Summer is wonderful for many reasons, but it is also a time when it can be difficult to find healthy routines and regular social opportunities. […]

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Emotion Regulation and Teens

Building Emotion Regulation Skills

Emotion regulation is the process by which we consciously and unconsciously strive to manage the range of emotions we may experience at any given time. The problem for some teens is that their emotions come too fast and too strong for them to effectively regulate, and instead they react impulsively, lose control, or use unhelpful […]

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Mental Illness and Mass Violence

Mental Illness and Mass Violence: Speaking Carefully and Accurately

There has been much discussion about the connection between mental illness and violence, particularly related to mass violence and school shootings, during the past weeks and months. Unfortunately, the language used and arguments made about this connection are not always accurate and can perpetuate assumptions that may lead some to avoid talking about their struggles […]

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Valentine's Day Peer Pressure

To The Parent Who Wants to Belong

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and my daughter’s preschool will be having a valentine exchange for the students. This is one of those planned activities where everyone will receive a valentine from everyone else. Everyone will give and receive whatever sense of belonging comes with a card and piece of candy. But our sense of […]

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A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughters, I have a conflict. I have a strong desire, a deep longing, to protect you. To protect your bodies from harm, your hearts from pain, and your emotions from adolescent boys (among other things). But, I have a clear understanding that I will fail at this. I will not be able to keep […]

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Boredom Benefits: Why It’s Okay to Let Your Child be Bored

“I’m bored.” A phrase that many parents hate to hear. It is often accompanied by whining and an expectation that the parent will come to the rescue and provide sufficient entertainment. Boredom is not a terrible state that we should prevent at all times. Boredom provides time for your child to learn to engage with […]

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Cultivating Resilience

Have you ever noticed that parents don’t stand around and talk about how their child didn’t make the team, failed a test, or cried as they waited in line for a roller-coaster? Parents prefer to talk about achievement, growth, and well-being rather than the disappointments their children experience. It’s no surprise children and adolescents do […]

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