A Social Story in Reverse

A Social Story in Reverse: Talking About Autism

Anyone who lives or works with someone with ASD is probably familiar with social stories, a strategy in which you explain the important details of a situation, what to expect, and what is expected from the individual with ASD. In talking about autism with others, we can reverse the social story, telling people important details […]

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Bored Games

Long winter breaks and snow days can leave kids feeling bored and parents a bit frazzled. As one of my friends texted last night, “there are not enough movies or wine in this house to get us through another day off of school.” While I definitely appreciate the structure and routine of school days, these […]

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Tips to Help Dads (and Moms) Engage with Preschoolers

We are wired to want to be good at what we do, including our job as a parent, but what do we do if it doesn’t always come naturally? Some Dads love to talk with their preschoolers, while others don’t know where to start. Some Dads connect with their middle schooler, while others can’t stand […]

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This Summer, the Reward is in the Relationship

The long sunny days of summer can offer opportunities for strengthening relationships (or perhaps, mending them) that may be hard to come by during the school year. If you find yourself feeling frazzled because your child constantly has trouble following rules or seems more hyperactive, defiant or hard to please than other kids, you’re definitely […]

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Conversations with Teens: Exploring Sensitive Topics

The recent Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, has stirred lots of discussion amongst parents, adolescents, professionals working with adolescents, and the media.  The series, based on a book of the same name by Jay Asher, explores the topics of bullying, sexual harassment, rape, and suicide and is wildly popular among adolescents.  Many adults are concerned […]

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Children at Indoor Recess

Indoor Recess Relief: Strategies to Help Your Child Be Successful

Frigid temperatures and icy conditions in these bitter winter months cause undesirable and unsafe outdoor conditions for our school children. This results in an increase in the frequency with which school staff must do something many students hate: move recess indoors. Outdoor recess is such an integral part of school-aged children’s daily routines. Changes to […]

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