Making Mistakes

Getting Good at Making Mistakes: Developing a Growth Mindset

Some people will do anything to avoid making a mistake. They may decide not to embrace a challenge, for fear of failing or making a mistake, or they may spend tons of time and energy working towards a perfect product. Often times, these people are described as “perfectionists” and many of them experience a significant […]

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Mental Illness and Mass Violence

Mental Illness and Mass Violence: Speaking Carefully and Accurately

There has been much discussion about the connection between mental illness and violence, particularly related to mass violence and school shootings, during the past weeks and months. Unfortunately, the language used and arguments made about this connection are not always accurate and can perpetuate assumptions that may lead some to avoid talking about their struggles […]

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Navigating Parent-Teacher Conferences

It feels like school just started! But the homework battles and mounds of papers on my kitchen counter tell me that school is fully underway, and we are already nearing the end of the first quarter. Whether the school year has been calm or hectic for you, it is about to kick into high gear […]

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Raising Successful Kids

From preschool through high school, it’s easy to get sucked into the trap of stressing (and over-stressing) about if our kids will grow up to be successful.  We want them to work their hardest, earn perfect grades, and study to get top scores.  We want them to play on the right teams and to work […]

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Cultivating Resilience

Have you ever noticed that parents don’t stand around and talk about how their child didn’t make the team, failed a test, or cried as they waited in line for a roller-coaster? Parents prefer to talk about achievement, growth, and well-being rather than the disappointments their children experience. It’s no surprise children and adolescents do […]

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For the Love of The Game: Maintaining Perspective in Youth Sports

Many parents put an extraordinary amount of resources into their child’s sports, including time, money, and emotional energy.  Emotional energy?  That doesn’t sound right, but I think for a lot of parents, it’s true.  I encourage parents to ask themselves a few questions when they enroll their child in a sport and throughout their child’s […]

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