Child Development

Talking About Your Child’s Differences

As parents of young children, we get excited about the milestones our little one’s hit. We brag about their giggles, their words, their steps. We feel proud when our child is moving along as expected. On the other hand, we can feel hesitant, scared, even overwhelmingly anxious, to talk about a difference or delay in […]

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Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Insights From Within

Group therapy provides a unique opportunity for participants to connect with other people who are experiencing something similar. This affords participants the chance to develop empathy, to receive and give support, and to feel less alone in areas of struggle. Yet, group therapy can also be anxiety provoking. The risk of being known more fully […]

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Making Mistakes

Getting Good at Making Mistakes: Developing a Growth Mindset

Some people will do anything to avoid making a mistake. They may decide not to embrace a challenge, for fear of failing or making a mistake, or they may spend tons of time and energy working towards a perfect product. Often times, these people are described as “perfectionists” and many of them experience a significant […]

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Mindful Parenting

Mindful Parenting

Being a psychologist who works with kids, people assume that I am an expert at parenting. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. I have my own weaknesses, and parenting is really hard sometimes. One of the biggest lessons I have tried to apply to my parenting is something that use regularly when working to improve emotion […]

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Doesn't Respond to his/her name

The Name Game: Building the Response-to-Name Skill

Inconsistent or lack of response to his/her name is a significant red flag for autism that can be identified early. In the absence of a hearing difficulty, response to one’s name is expected to develop around 6-9 months of age.  We want to encourage this skill for a child with autism as it is a […]

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Freedom in the Summertime

Summertime Freedoms: How Much to Give and When to Give It

Researchers are beginning to look at the ways young children spend their time and how it relates to the development of executive functioning skills such as time management and problem solving. Some early findings suggest that children who spend more time in less structured activities display better self-directed control. Summertime seems to be a great […]

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Symptoms of Flags for Autism

Understanding Red Flags for Autism

Progress in the area of autism identification is significant: awareness of autism continues to rise; pediatricians’ offices routinely screen for autism; and treatment providers are more available. This is reflected in the most recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which found that prevalence of autism among 8-year-old increased (1 in 59 […]

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Helping Your Child Transition

5 Tips for Transitioning to Summer

When talking about transitions and school, we often think about getting back into the school routine. However, transitioning out of school for the summer can also be an important process to do with intentionality. Since the end of August 2017, your daughter or son has been regularly connected to a defined group of people, including […]

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Emotional Growth in Teens

4 Strategies for A Summer of Emotional Growth

The countdown to summer has already begun, so let’s talk about ways you can foster your child’s emotional growth and development in ways that also encourage family and social connections. Summer is wonderful for many reasons, but it is also a time when it can be difficult to find healthy routines and regular social opportunities. […]

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