All families encounter challenges. The key is identifying strengths and resources and then capitalizing on them to get through in the best way possible.


NEW! Fall 2016 Social Skills Groups

Our very first Summer Session of Social Skills Groups with Christine Jurik, M.A., BCBA, COBA has come to an end! We had an overwhelming response to this trial program. We would like to send many thanks to the sixteen children who joined Mrs. Christine for a sunny season of learning and fun!

We are now booking for Fall II Social Skills Groups, run by Christine Jurik, M.A., BCBA, COBA. Our Fall II groups will begin November 9th, and are being offered for children between the ages of 4 and 13. For more information on our groups, see our social skills groups page.

You are the expert when it comes to your child. But sometimes you may need to consult with an expert in development, emotions, and behavior in order to figure out your next steps with your child. We can help you to understand “what’s typical” and then, taking into consideration your child’s unique situation, can help you figure out “what’s typical for my child.” Developing this understanding as well as a basic knowledge of preventing and managing problems can be your road map to successfully navigating life with your child through the years.

Are you looking to help your family work better together?  Whether you’re looking to get along and communicate better with your children or your spouse, family therapy can help.  Sarah (Giaco) Saunders, MA, LPC has recently joined Meghan Barlow and Associates.  Using her background in marriage and family therapy as well as art therapy, Sarah helps families improve their functioning individually and as a whole.  Sarah’s schedule offers convenient evening hours for families who need to meet after school and work hours.  Call 440.409.0307 to schedule or email her at

Does your child “get stuck” on his own ideas?  Does she have trouble accepting other people’s plans?  Being a part of a group means thinking about what other people (like parents, teachers, and peers) expect of you and how your behavior makes other people think and feel.  We have social thinking groups designed for children ages 2-11.  Read more about the groups under “Services” and call to enroll your child in the next session.

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Please call us to discuss your questions and concerns about your child’s emotions, development, or behavior.  

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