Curiosity…Killed Your Judgment? An Approach You Can Use to Combat Information Overload, Take Action, and Make Decisions

We’re a generation of information seekers. We hear something interesting and immediately Google, set alerts and throw out polls to gather more data. I’m completely guilty of this, and it’s something I have to continually monitor. I can easily lose hours, lost in rabbit holes of unplanned learning, driven by child-like curiosity. Yet sometimes, I’ve […]

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Uncommit to Achieve Goals

Un-Committing: Why Saying ‘No’ Is Critical To Achieving Your Goals

It’s likely you’ve heard someone say it before. And it’s probably even more likely that you’ve at least once had the same thought.  “There are not enough hours in the day!” There aren’t really, especially with all of the exciting and inspiring opportunities barreling at us from every direction.  All of these commitments, of course, […]

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Raising Human Beings Dr. Ross Greene

What’s the Magic Word? Collaboration and Raising Human Beings

“Raising Human Beings”, the title of Dr. Ross Greene’s most recent book, is centered on the ideas that as we raise our children, we are also modeling good relationships, teaching positive communication, and promoting independence and self-worth. What it boils down to is our enduring quest to find a balance between our expectations as adults […]

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