Raising Human Beings Dr. Ross Greene

What’s the Magic Word? Collaboration and Raising Human Beings

“Raising Human Beings”, the title of Dr. Ross Greene’s most recent book, is centered on the ideas that as we raise our children, we are also modeling good relationships, teaching positive communication, and promoting independence and self-worth. What it boils down to is our enduring quest to find a balance between our expectations as adults […]

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Evaluation and Diagnosis in Children

8 Tips for Processing a New Diagnosis

As a psychologist who mainly focuses on evaluations, I quickly become familiar with families. I have many frank discussions with parents where we talk about a child’s strengths, areas for growth, and ultimately a new diagnosis, all with the purpose of leading to better outcomes. Some welcome a diagnosis and view it as a way […]

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Valentine's Day Peer Pressure

To The Parent Who Wants to Belong

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and my daughter’s preschool will be having a valentine exchange for the students. This is one of those planned activities where everyone will receive a valentine from everyone else. Everyone will give and receive whatever sense of belonging comes with a card and piece of candy. But our sense of […]

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Bored Games

Long winter breaks and snow days can leave kids feeling bored and parents a bit frazzled. As one of my friends texted last night, “there are not enough movies or wine in this house to get us through another day off of school.” While I definitely appreciate the structure and routine of school days, these […]

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“Why?”: The Question That Causes So Much Trouble

“I asked him ‘why?’ and he just shrugged his shoulders and said ‘I don’t know.’” I have heard a form of this statement from countless parents lamenting the fact that they can’t get a straight answer to their “Why?” question. “Why didn’t you turn in your homework?” “Why did you leave your stuff on the […]

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A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Daughters, I have a conflict. I have a strong desire, a deep longing, to protect you. To protect your bodies from harm, your hearts from pain, and your emotions from adolescent boys (among other things). But, I have a clear understanding that I will fail at this. I will not be able to keep […]

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Tips to Help Dads (and Moms) Engage with Preschoolers

We are wired to want to be good at what we do, including our job as a parent, but what do we do if it doesn’t always come naturally? Some Dads love to talk with their preschoolers, while others don’t know where to start. Some Dads connect with their middle schooler, while others can’t stand […]

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Boredom Benefits: Why It’s Okay to Let Your Child be Bored

“I’m bored.” A phrase that many parents hate to hear. It is often accompanied by whining and an expectation that the parent will come to the rescue and provide sufficient entertainment. Boredom is not a terrible state that we should prevent at all times. Boredom provides time for your child to learn to engage with […]

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