Were They but There at Night

I just listened to a talk about Autism Spectrum Disorders.  The speaker shared a poem by one of his patients, a teenager with ASD, who wants to be a writer.  It’s remarkable.  (This is copied exactly as he wrote it.)

Devin Teichert

Song of Myself

December 16, 2008

Were They but There at Night

There is a bolder field where every stone

Is a glazed, glittering gem, like stars fallen from the sky

All except one, a plain grey rock alone in the center

Feeling excluded and shunned

People come, tourists, painters, photographers, collectors

To view each shining bolder, a pleasure to the beholder

Ooh! Ahh! Look at this one! Come quick!

Pockets bulge with fragments and paint cans run dry

But the grey rock remains ignored

An ugly blotch on a sweeping mural

The sun sets, everyone leaves

And they miss the centerpiece of the field

For when night falls, the grey rock in the center

It glows in the dark

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